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Who are we?

Taborafrika derives its pride from the local artisans whose handcrafted original products are beyond comparison!  We specialize in authentic African Handicrafts, Curios & Other unique Gift & Collectors items made from environmentally friendly materials such as Wood, Soapstone, Sisal, Wool, Baobab Bulks, Coconut, Banana Fiber  & Leaves.  The materials used to produce our products are all acquired locally. All our products are  Handcrafted by local sculptures and artists, giving each one a uniqueness that is part of African charm Taborafrika endeavors to provide our valued customers with quality unique products, excellent service and timely delivery.Taborafrika also practices fair trade regulations that ensures its local suppliers are paid fairly.

Our Unique Products
We have a variety of handcrafted carvings made from quality wood by local  artisans. Among our most popular products are animal artifacts, especially the "Big Five" (Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino and Leopard).  We also have a collection of  unique African Masks,  decorated African Wooden Utensils (Bowls, Spoons, Stools, Walking Sticks, Fruit Baskets, Salad Spoons, Ash Trays etc).  All are carved with different animal designs and attractive colors.

Our collection of Engraved Glassware (Wine Glasses, Whiskey Glasses, Cognac Glasses, Sherry Glasses, Water/Juice Jugs and Glasses, Bowls, Candle Holders etc) are among the items produced by Taborafrika and comes in different designs. The glasses are engraved with animal designs and we can engrave the glasses with your choice design and specifications. 

Our African Hand-woven Baskets (Kiondo) and Bags are made from either sisal grass, wool, baobab and banana barks with leather straps and covers, beautifully decorated with colorful beads and can be used for all occasions.  These baskets are bought directly from women in the rural regions of Kenya.They are a source of income and buying them will go a long way in fighting poverty.

We offer a wide selection of African attire which includes "Kitenge",  the traditional African dress for women,  "Dashiki", the traditional African shirt for men & T-Shirts. Other attires include kikoys (wrap) which can be used at the beach or as a casual wear.  The kikoy comes with a matching beach bag just ideal for the beach.  The Maasai sandals, made from leather and decorated with beads complements the beach wear and the traditional attire beautifully. Other items are the the colorful Masaai Shuka (Cloth) which can be used for picnics or dining tables.We brand T-Shirts as per customer specifications ( for casual casual wear or corporate use)

All our collection of colorful beautiful jewellery are made from environmentally friendly materials by local Kenya women and include Necklaces, Braceletes, Rings, Earrings,  and Hair Bands.  

See our unique collection of African Art which consists of Oil and Water color paintings  on Canvas, Batik Paintings and Banana Bulk pictures all depicting African history.  Our collection of Batiks can be framed or hanged freely and are available in different shades and sizes.

Our unique collection of soapstone items are sculptured by local artist from Western part of Kenya and  include Candle Holders, Salad Bowls, Chess Board, Jewellery Box,  Coasters, Cigar Box,  Pen/Pencil Holder among other items. The collection comes in different unique colors.


The list of products shown in our website is not a complete list of what we produce, our artisans can produce products uniquely customized to your specifications.  Please contact us with your requirements.



Taborafrika believes in " Ploughing back to the Community" and have partnered with a Special Needs School in  Machakos District, Kenya.  In our website we have beautiful Door Mats hand-made by children from Katangi Special School and all sale proceeds (100%)  from the Mats go towards supporting these children.  We are also supporting education of orphan children from Angels Center of Hope Foundation in Machakos, Kenya and for every US$10 purchase from Taborafrika website, US$1 goes towards supporting Angels Center of Hope children.

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Authentic suppliers of African Handicrafts, Jewellery, Kiondos (Baskets & Bags), Wood Carvings, Soapstone Sculptures,Engraved Glassware,Masks,African wear (Kitenges,Maasai Sandals,Dashiki Shirts)& Other Collectors/Decor & Unique Gift items from Kenya, East Africa.We provide quality items and fairest prices & apply fair trade regulations.

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